What are we focusing on when organizing a virtual baby shower?

There are few joys in life greater than welcoming the newest love of your life – your baby boy, girl, or set of twins – into the world. Having a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your little one is a special event filled with fun, love, and memories. WeHostEvents wants to ensure family and friends can celebrate this joy with the parents to be. We help create the bridge between family and friends distance, welcoming the new bundle of joy with a virtual celebration. Our team of experts will embrace storytelling and share with videos, slideshows, games, and a toast to create an experience memorable for all.

Why host a virtual Baby Shower?

It is a great option for those who have family and friends who live far away, but still want to take part in the celebration of new life. This doesn’t have to be the only reason that you host your baby shower online, though.

Perhaps the mom-to-be is on bed rest, family is away on military leave or scattered around the country, or social distancing for all is required.

Whatever the reason, showering mom-to-be with love and support as she awaits her new baby is the most important thing to remember.

In this blog we show you some of our services to make this day a memorable day!


1.Customized design concept theme.

Create an event concept that attendees will talk about for months afterwards through a combination of strategy and creativity. Choosing the theme of an event is usually not an easy task, as much as the color palette and the concept. At WEHOSTEVENTS we have a specialized team that will help you find the theme that best suits your preferences.

Nowadays, people have increasingly high expectations of the events to which they are invited. Guests want to be entertained; they want unique experiences and memorable events. The choice of a theme for the event management can definitely act as a catalyst for success. Therefore, given how important it is.

A theme also lets you make better choices regarding communication tools and media by helping to better target its needs, which often translates into an interesting money saving.

2.Customized virtual background for celebrant & guests.

A virtual background it’s a simulated environment that appears behind a participant in a video conference. A virtual background can make it appear that people are at the beach, a famous landmark or even outer space.

We create beautiful custom designs for the different activities that take place in the event, for you and your guests, thinking about your preferences.


3.Customized food & Cocktail Recipes

While foods are one of our favorite parts of hosting a baby shower, it is tricky with a virtual shower.

We send food and cocktail recipes a few days in advance to each of the guests so that everyone can prepare for the day of the event.

4. 2-3 Master of Ceremonies and Tech Support

We have a highly qualified team that will make sure to minimize the margins of error for both the celebrant and each of the guests.

They will be in charge of conducting the event and maintaining order to obtain a harmonious experience.


5. Customized design Games

Because you will be hosting this online, we are a bit more strategic about the games you play.

Our games are designed so that everyone can play online and still feel engaged.

The best thing about doing this virtually is that the prizes can also be virtual. We can design virtual gift cards, and even send small prizes to guests.

What do you think, would you plan a virtual baby shower with us?
Hopefully, with our plannig, you’ll be able to celebrate every mama to be in your group, even if everyone can’t be together in person.
Have a fabulous day!♥
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