Want performance or live streaming Dj’s our selection is ample as your genre preference. From music, instrumentals, psychic readings, children's entertainment to team developing coaches, we have the right blend to add to your virtual e-vent!

We Can Help You

With our team at your fingertips, we cater to create and provide all the elements for your celebration, from catering, to performances, to creating video slides to share with your guest online.

Let us create your magical moment and focus on celebrating your day your way!

Connie Valdes

Chief Celebration Officer

Erika Darbouze

Event Planner & Champagne Popper

Cara Velasquez

Events Coordinator

At WeHostEvents we’re your dedicated planning team bringing your celebration to a virtual setting. Invite guests from all around the world all with no traveling costs. We help you create a memorable moment for all to enjoy while managing the technology so your celebration feels as intimate as your setting or as broad as your live-stream.

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