Connie Valdes

Chief Celebration Officer
Brief info

Celebrity party planner and marketing partner to many global brands!

She is on a one woman mission to inspire, educate, and share her 15 years of party planning and stylist tips, tricks and DIY designs to elevate celebrations for any occasion, everywhere around the world. Let her share her stylist secrets with you!

Working for more than ten years with global partners empowering their brand message and instilling event ideas to reach their consumer, she’s translated her skills to empower family and friends to enjoy the same luxuries and details to embrace with their guests.

A remarkable talent and International Award Winner, Connie is committed to the personalization of every client, from Miami Housewives, Cincoro, Remy Martin, Citibank and many more. Connie prides herself on being involved in all aspects of her events, from customizing digital invitations, arranging floral design to tabletops and gifting kits.

She aspires to inspire young entrepreneurs around the world to stretch beyond their comfort and reach their dreams!