Plan your Virtual Baby Shower

Step 1: Think theme

Whether you know the gender of your baby or plan to keep it a surprise, your first order of business is to pick a theme for the little one for all your tableware and decoration necessities.

Step 2: Begin your checklist

Pro Tip: you and your virtual guests can enjoy the same treats or refreshments by sharing the recipe in the invitation.

Step 3: Invite your guests 

Now that you know your theme, this is easy. Choose your invitations according to your theme. And don’t forget the essentials: 

  • The link with your preferred virtual party platform and itinerary
  • Date & time
  • Treats for everyone to enjoy in unison
  • Attire requirements – pick a color theme for everyone to wear or matching shirts with baby’s name, whatever you want, just make it fun!
  • Activities and games for the big day!

Step 4: Get Social 

Be sure to share your virtual Baby Shower photos on social media by tagging @PartyCity and encourage your guests to do the same. We may even feature you on our social channels and site! 

Step 5: Organize your itinerary 

 1. Set up your Party City virtual Baby Shower decor 

 2. Get your mama fit on! 

 3. Bring out all edible goodies 

 4. Select the perfect Baby Shower celebration playlist 5. Start the virtual celebration, thanking all your guests with a toast (Momma dukes gets a non-alcoholic juice or spritzer) 

 5. Follow with any activities you’ve set up, here are some of our favorites: 

  •  What’s in your purse? 
  • Oh Baby! Advice cards Guessing mommy’s belly size – be sure to give your guests some time to go find their measuring tape! 
  • Enjoy any edible delights all guests may have prepared 
  • Open gifts, showing your guests all the joy their gifts will provide the soon to be bundle of joy! 

7. Thank everyone for attending and making your virtual Baby Shower a success!

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