How to Plan the Perfect Summer Bridal Shower

Tasked with planning a bridal shower for your sister or best friend? You’re in luck. Summer is the perfect time to host an al fresco celebration, and with in-season blooms available in the best seasonal color palette, planning a memorable event could not be easier. To help you pull off the perfect summer bridal shower, the team at L’entramise, a stylish single-use tableware company made from recycled plastic, offers up their best entertaining advice.


Avoid any literal interpretations.

“When it comes to showers-both bridal and baby-super-literal interpretations no longer cut it when you want to host an effortlessly chic celebration,” the team at L’entramise say. “Instead, it’s all about tying in hints of celebratory subject matter.” The suggest keeping the tabletops and décor subdued and sophisticated.

Consider the bride’s taste.

As you plan, think about what the bride would pick for herself. “If you know the wedding tables will be all neutral colors with a pop of pink, think about incorporating those colors into her shower,” the say. But don’t totally hijack her wedding theme. “Don’t steal the thunder from the wedding itself. Simply nod at it.”

Remember that less is more.

You’ve heard it time and time again, but it’s still easy to get wrapped up in the little details when planning a party. But the team at L’entramise say, “Don’t overload your table with lace and confetti, unless, of course, that’s your bride in a nutshell.” They love the look of exposed wood tables or those topped with airy, lightweight linens.


Let the tableware do the talking.

Sure, floral centerpieces are sure to make a statement, but as far as your tabletop goes, let your plates, bowls, drinkware, cutlery, and napkins really shine. A great choice? L’entramise’s beautiful single-use tableware. “Some would argue that there is nothing like a real dish, and we certainly will not disagree with that,” they say. “But there are certain occasions when single-use is really the only way to go and will eliminate a lot of the stresses of hosting.” It’s an especially great choice for an outdoor shower since you won’t want breakables on a patio or in your backyard.

Get creative with textures and patterns.

“Don’t be afraid to mix and match, whether with napkins or drinkware,” the say. “For example, printed dinner napkins can bring a table to life, or you might like to add interest by setting with table with an assortment of color-tined drinkware.” They recommend jewel tones for a shower, like warm gold, light turquoise, or amethyst.


Don’t forget the finishing touches.

“For an afternoon celebration with great lighting, fresh flowers will do the trick and really tie in the easy summer vibe,” they say. “Look for anything seasonal and consider the bride’s favorite blooms when making your selections.” Hosting a party that will span into dusk? L’entramise’s team loves pillar candles in beautiful glass vessels (“just be sure to get the drip-free kind, unless you’re going for that vintage look,” they say) or a tapered variety in different heights.

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