October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, We Host Events Introduces Virtual Fundraising

While fundraising in the nonprofit sector has been shifting toward the virtual realm for a long time, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing regulations drastically sped up the process of moving engagement online. Nonprofits, therefore, had to adjust their strategies incredibly quickly to adhere to these changes.

Now that we’re many months into the pandemic and (hopefully) close to the end, it’s become clear that the trend toward virtual fundraising will continue beyond the distributions of vaccines and eventual relaxation of social distancing regulations.

The current social distancing required by COVID-19 doesn’t mean you need to abandon your upcoming fundraising events or campaigns. By pivoting to a virtual fundraising event you can still connect with donors and inspire giving. All you need are some great ideas and the right online tools.

That is why we leave you in this space some ideas that we apply when carrying out virtual fundraising!

Online Auction

Online auctions are a classic fundraising event that nonprofits have used with success for years. In-person silent auctions often ran in the background of other events like galas and races. Even though you’ve moved online, you can still offer virtual auctions in a similar fashion!

Silent auctions are the best suited for the virtual realm, able to run for multiple days on end and directly from your supporter’s smartphones with mobile bidding.

We make sure to carefully consider your audience before you start purchasing items for your auction, making sure to choose the right ones to intrigue your participants. For example, I wouldn’t try to intrigue a larger audience with prizes like helicopter rides or ski packages. But those perfect awards for a young adult audience.


Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are an entertaining way to gather supporters for an evening of fun while raising funds for your mission. We host this event in a number of ways, whether it’s providing an ingredient list for fans to go to the grocery store themselves or having them buy everything through your organization and shipping the ingredients in the proper shipping containers. .

If we ask you to collect your own ingredients, we ask for optional donations for the event. Or, if we ship the food to your followers, we include a registration fee that covers the food and a donation when they sign up.

Then a chef (or a really good cook in your organization) to guide you through the process of preparing a delicious meal. We can even consider hosting a “family meal” through Zoom or other video conferencing software so everyone can enjoy it together.

Online Concerts

Online concerts bring your supporters together for an evening of music and fun. we can Recruit a talented musician to play for your supporters; or, maybe even recruit one of your supporters to donate their considerable talents by playing for others!

This type of event will also require considerable marketing strategies in order to get attention. The last thing you want is for your musician to play without an audience. we Make sure to promote the event with your organization’s newsletter, on social media, over email, and with other virtual platforms.

At in-person concerts, organizations can sell swag and merchandise to earn an extra buck while further promoting both the cause and the musician. we can do the same thing for virtual concerts! we Set up an online merchandise store so that supporters can purchase a t-shirt, mug, or another item to support the cause and remember the amazing event.

we have a high-end live streaming team to kick off this event. Then, we choose a space where the musician can play and configure the equipment to transmit his music.

There are several options we use to win donations for your organization’s online concert. For example, we solicit voluntary donations before and during the event, sale of tickets to attend, and sale of merchandise in support of the cause.

Virtual 5K

Nonprofits have been hosting 5K events for years. However, traditional events don’t allow for much social distancing. Therefore, many organizations have started hosting virtual alternatives, allowing supporters to run their own course, record their time and submit it to the host organization.

When we host this virtual fundraising event, you have several opportunities to raise funds. The first is that you can collect registration fees from your attendees. You can also sell race merchandise and other promotional goodies, or include the swag as a part of the registration fee.

we Make sure to provide specific instructions for supporters to record and submit their times. If they need a specific app or technology to track their pace, we make sure the process for obtaining and using the software is clear.


While these ideas represent a host of virtual fundraising ideas that we can work with, they are definitely not the only ones out there! we make sure to plan something that they will want to be involved with.


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